Kristy Regan, MScN

Kristy’s focus is on supporting gastrointestinal health through nutrition and other therapies. Healthy gut bacteria leads to vitality and wellness but an unhealthy gut can contribute to a variety of conditions such as SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), obesity, diabetes and autoimmune conditions.

My passion is good nutrition through good cooking!

~Kristy Regan

You can benefit from nutritional counseling & wellness services, and therapeutic mind-body practices if:

  • You want to discover the lifestyle/diet and exercise that is most beneficial to you
  • Your doctor has recommended a specific diet or modifications and you’re not sure where to start
  • You are confused or need information about where to eat out or how to attend parties now that you’ve adopted a specific diet
  • You are suffering from IBS, SIBO or other GI disorders/diseases and need support in starting a diet that will limit your symptoms and support your health
  • You are feeling overwhelmed with your diet or health and need practices and strategies to support you.


Let’s have complimentary 15 minute Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Consultation today!

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If the feeling is bloated, tired, cranky, or depressed, there could be a link back to diet.  Let’s face it, nutrition can be complicated.

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Cooking Classes

If your diet seems complicated we can customize cooking classes to help you to make life easier.

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Therapeutic Chef

We focus on using local, organic food sources when available in the comfort of your home.

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What’s New!

Strawberry Tangerine Smoothie Bowl

This smoothie bowl can be turned into a to-go smoothie in a cup simply by adding more milk of your choice. Make sure to buy organic strawberries since conventionally grown strawberries contain extremely high pesticide residue. Ingredients: 1 cup frozen organic...

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Choco-Banana Smoothie Bowl

Eating slowly and in a relaxed atmosphere supports your digestion. That's one reason I love smoothie bowls. The second reason is - toppings! The picture here shows the bare minimum but you can add fresh fruit, coconut or whatever else comes to mind. If you're on the...

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Bulk Cooking Basics

Bulk cooking is typically when you cook multiple meals over the course of a whole or half day. You can then either freeze some portions of the meals to eat later or eat the meals over the course of the week. I don’t often have the luxury of a free day to spend cooking...

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Level Up Your Bone Broth

Ok, let’s be honest. Bone broth is great for you, but some people feel a bit blah about the taste. Not to fear, it’s time to take your bone broth to the next level. Try different add-ons for extra taste and nutrition. Here are a couple of combinations to try; feel...

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Connections: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome & SIBO

Guest Post by Stephanie Kelly, Vital Food Therapeutics Nutrition Intern What is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)? EDS is a range of roughly 6 types of possible genetic disorders that affect the connective tissues, specifically collagen synthesis, characterized by skin...

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Sauteed Radishes with Thyme

Radishes are typically eaten raw but they are quite delicious when sautéed with fresh herbs. Makes 2 servings Ingredients: 2 cups bite size pieces of radish 2 teaspoons ghee, butter or coconut oil 1 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves Salt and pepper Instructions: Heat a...

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Choosing Your SIBO Team

Tackling SIBO all on your own can create isolation, time issues and anxiety. It’s helpful to have an entire team because SIBO can be connected with many other conditions and people tend to have a large variety of symptoms. Your team size or members will likely change...

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SIBO Friendly Stuffing

I'm introducing a special guest post this month from Janel Lato. She is kind enough to share her amazing SIBO friendly stuffing recipe & video with us just in time for the holidays. I'm looking forward to trying more of her recipes in the future! -Kristy, Vital Food...

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8 Food Substitutions for a SIBO Diet

Starting a SIBO diet can be extremely challenging! Here are some substitutions to use for foods you may be missing: Garlic: Garlic is high FODMAP and is an issue for many people, even in small amounts. Substitute store bought garlic oil or sauté garlic cloves (smashed...

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